Frequently Asked Questions

  • What products does The Vintage Bus Bar serve? +

    We serve draft Lager Bitter Cider and Guinness (usually Carlsberg products unless requested otherwise), also a full range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic products including Alco-pops, Wines, Champagne, Pimm’s and a vast range of soft drinks. We operate a ‘no glass over the bar’ policy. This is for safety at events, therefore all bottles and glasses are plastic. We compliment our service with a range of straws, ice, lemons/limes and other top quality bar goods. You can also specify which products you would like us to serve at your event to tie in with branding or sponsorship opportunities. We also have access to a fantastic array of local real ales.
  • How do we go about booking the bus for our event? +

    Please call Damian on the numbers above or Mark on 07974 333 789 for any technical information or to book. We will be happy to discuss your event in detail and confirm the booking in a number of different ways.
  • How do you transport The Vintage Bus Bar to our event? +

    The bus is completely road worthy (taxed, tested and insured) and one of our drivers will deliver the bus at an agreed time, several days before your event if needs be to get it in position. We will locate the bus and set it up for a dry hire giving technical instructions of use to a nominated party.
  • What is the cost of having the Vintage Bus Bar at our event? +

    Each event we attend is different. We normally work on a percentage commission or fixed fee for larger public events or we can discuss costs for smaller private events on a per day basis from £1500 + VAT.
  • Does The Vintage Bus Bar offer a service transporting guests to an event? +

    Unfortunately the Vintage Bus Bar is designed to only have guests on board once stationery. Therefore no we don’t carry passengers on the road.
  • Do you come with your own power and lighting? +

    Yes, we have our own powerful silent generator with connects to the bus via 2x 32amp sockets travelling through 25m of armoured flexi-cable. The bus houses 2x 240v ring mains which have been professionally installed and signed off by a quality electrical contractor. All lighting on the bus comes through LED’s, which give off no heat and create a fantastic atmosphere at night.
  • Is it possible to hire The Vintage Bus Bar and operate it ourselves at our event? +

    Yes, we do offer a dry hire service from £1500 per day +VAT. Please contact us for details.
  • What happens if it rains with the open deck upstairs? +

    We appreciate what English summers can be like, so we have a cover for bad conditions but parasols would be a safe solution in case of rain. We can also provide an awning on the side of the bus for your guests to have somewhere to shelter.
  • How big are the buses? +

    The Routemaster is just under 13 feet high and approx 12 metres long and under 4 metres wide.

    The Deluxe Bar is 14 metres long and just over 4 metres wide and needs clearance of 14 feet.

    All buses are road worthy and would be placed on site by one of our experienced drivers.

  • Can you help manage our event? +

    We have over 15 years experience managing large outside events like Twickenham Stadium, the London Olympics and the PGA Golf to name a few. We are able to help with any catering and bar solutions you may require as well as helping managing the blue printing, design and implementation of event catering solutions. We do provide consultancy services and work with many partners after years of experience in the area, working on economies of scale to minimise costs.
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